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ZigiOps is an all-inclusive, customizable system that connects the individual roles of a company’s technology systems. It will act as a mediator between a company’s software tools and the people who use them. This moderation works simultaneously with a business’ internal processes to standardize the communication channels. This standardization makes efficient data exchange possible by unifying data sources. This collaboration creates the formation of automated links between tools and forging a transparent, responsive system. This ultimately results in an end-to-end overview of the entire business and its various processes.

Our customers:

Western Union
General Motors

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ZigiOps is Enterprise Ready, which means that it can handle moderation across an expansive system. Alternatively, though, the system is customizable enough to downscale the moderation to fit any business model. This is done without sacrificing speed, quality, or responsiveness. The capabilities of the ZigiOps platform ranges from ticketing automation to complete system mirroring. Investing in ZigiOps is an investment in a company’s current and future needs. The system can instantly adapt to a business’ needs today and will follow that business throughout their journey of success.

Our clients love us

The connector, out of the box, is great and provides a good way to build an integration with SNOW. It has a good level of customization and control plus the support is prompt and helpful.

Mihai Palade Technical lead

Our clients love us

Issues that ZigiOps resolves: automated ticketing using ZigiOps is helping us a lot, since we don’t have to have depend on an IM team to monitor the incidents or create, update and close them; backsync is again helping to close the events at Source level instead of manually closing them (SAP Solman to OBM to ServiceNow); SolarWinds to RTSM for network devices discovery has a very good added value for us.

Dharma Maganti Enterprise Monitoring Group Lead at Applied Materials

Our clients love us

ZigiWave has managed to transform our ITOM operation by implementing an end-to-end solution, and integrating the different data points into a single pane of glass, using the Integration Hub connectors.

Chandan Kumar Associate Director at UBS

Our clients love us

We achieve faster time to value for our customers by using the adapters which ZigiWave is offering. We are able to cut the implementation time and onboard customers for providing services faster, which is one of the key factors for winning deals. The products and support offered by ZigiWave are good. Looking forward for the same level of flexibility and support from your team, and hope to continue partnering for more deals to come.

Ramprasad KM Pre-Sales Consultant at Tech Mahindra