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Technical review – Dynatrace and Ops Bridge integration through ZigiOps


Many Ops Bridge users count on Dynatrace for monitoring some fragments of their environment together with the native Micro Focus data collectors and other tools. In order to improve their overall visibility and reduce the number and duration of outages, there is a variety of measures to be taken. By far the most recognized one is combining all the data sources into a single console where it can be processed accordingly. This is why a good integration between Dynatrace and Ops Bridge is extremely important.

ZigiOps also allows other Dynatrace integrations – with ServiceNow, JIRA, BMC Remedy, and more.

Diagram - Dynatrace integrations by ZigiOps


Only a few simple steps are needed to configure the Dynatrace and Ops Bridge integration through ZigiOps:

  1. Install ZigiOps.
  2. Connect to Dynatrace and Ops Bridge.
  3. Configure the topology, metrics and problems polling intervals (each one of them is independent and can be configured separately).
  4. Activate the integration.

More information can be found here.


ZigiOps can replicate the Smartscape Topology from Dynatrace into the Ops Bridge RTSM (or directly into UCMDB) according to all the Micro Focus standards and best practices.

However, the Configuration items (CIs) can always be modified according to the customer requirements – the CI type can be changed, new attributes can be added or existing ones can be removed.

Smartscape topology in Dynatrace and Ops Bridge topology created by ZigiOps:

Dynatrace Smartscape Topology        Ops Bridge topology from Dynatrace created by ZigiOps

Default mappings*:

DynatraceOps Bridge
ApplicationBusiness Application
Services GroupCI Collection
ServiceBusiness Transaction
ProcessRunning Software

*all mappings can be changed by the customer


Any metric collected by Dynatrace can be extracted by ZigiOps and loaded to Ops Connector DB (accessible through the Performance Perspective), a file on the file system or COSO (coming soon). Metric filtering is user configurable and is done through the ZigiOps UI.

Apdex in Dynatrace and Apdex in Ops Bridge Performance Perspective:
Dynatrace Apdex metric    Apdex metric in Ops Bridge delivered by ZigiOps


New Dynatrace problems (or events) can create new events in Ops Bridge. All the necessary attributes for an event to be meaningful are present:

  • Title containing the Problem # in Dynatrace
  • Severity
  • Related CI (can be one of application, host, service or process)
  • Description
  • Drill-down URL to the original Dynatrace problem
  • Other custom attributes

Dynatrace Problems can also trigger new incidents in ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, Cherwell, JIRA Service Desk or any kind of issue in JIRA.

Problem in Dynatrace and Event in Ops Bridge:

Dynatrace Problem   Event in Ops Bridge created by ZigiOps   Drill-down URL in the Ops Bridge event


ZigiWave at Dynatrace Partner space – here.

Ops Bridge and ServiceNow integration


  • Dan Walker

    June 28, 2019

    Thanks for sharing team.
    I would love to see a demo of this workflow and use case. We have A Need to unify our dashboard in the NOC.


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