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Integration Jira to ServiceNow

ServiceNow Jira Integration

Our integration platform – ZigiOps, resolves one of the most common problems in the enterprise nowadays – how to connect DevOps with Operations and ITSM.

We have already developed out-of-the-box integration points for Atlassian JIRA, JIRA Service Desk, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy and Cherwell, providing value stream workflows.


ZigiOps makes possible to bi-directionally exchange all kinds of information between JIRA and ServiceNow. On top of that, it can be modified and then populated even in a highly customized environment. Tasks can be converted to incidents, changes to stories or bugs to defects. It is all a matter of a use case.

The attribute mapping and data transformation are done really simple and in a user-friendly manner.

And last but not least, both JIRA and ServiceNow can be used a starting point after there is a trigger identified.

Example use case – JIRA task to ServiceNow incident

Several customers have shown interest in a workflow scenario where a new task created in a specific project in JIRA triggers a new incident in ServiceNow. We made it possible extending it by bi-directional updates synchronization between both systems. Now any work note can be synched back to the tasks comments section, or any state change of the incident will affect the status of the task.

To make it more comprehensive and easier for everybody, there is a direct link to the incident in the JIRA task and a direct link to the task in the ServiceNow incident.

JIRA task that triggered an incident in ServiceNow:


The resulting incident



Work notes create comments and vice-versa

The lifecycle state can be aligned to any resolution process



You can see how this integration works below.

ServiceNow JIRA integration in less than 2 minutes

ServiceNow JIRA integration connector - ZigiOps in action

Also you can check our connector on the Atlassian market place here.

And on the ServiceNow store here.

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