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servicenow jira integration

Servicenow Jira Integration in 2 minutes

Integrations have always been a tough business – APIs, scripts, maintenance, expenses …

How about a full bi-directional data exchange between ServiceNow and JIRA achieved in less than 2 minutes?

It is possible thanks to ZigiOps – the integration platform that you can utilize without any need to be a technical guru, understand what is JSON or why the server is returning error code 500!


Watch the video to see how easy it is to create a ServiceNow Jiraworkflow with ZigiOps:

Do you need an integration between JIRA and ServiceNow? Watch this video to see how it is done using our integration platform called ZigiOps!

The first step is connecting to the systems. For this we need only the URL, integration user and password.

After we provide all the needed information, we can directly test the connection and see if everything is okay with it.

Then we can add the second system following exactly the same process.

After we have verified that everything with the connection is fine, we go to the next step which is configuring the actual integration.

I have loaded one of our predefined templates, however you can always a new integration from scratch.

Now I only need to specify the source, the target and the frequency of the data collection.

The integration is almost ready. Now the only thing left is to verify the trigger conditions and change the field map.

ZigiOps collects all the out-of-the-box and custom attributes from the source and target systems and makes the field mapping really easy.

We simply need to pick what to be the source and target field.

As a final step, we just need to save and activate the integration.

And that’s it! The integration between ServiceNow and Jira Atlassian is up and running!

To see what happens after the integration has been configured in a few simple steps, please watch the following video that shows the actual flow:

ServiceNow JIRA integration connector - ZigiOps in action

In this ZigiOps video you can see the bi-directional data exchange between ServiceNow and Jira Atlassian.

First, we will start by creating a new JIRA task. We fill the fields need by the mapping – out-of-the-box and custom ones. Then we can also specify what to be the target record – incident, change or any other record.

After the task is created, the incident creation can be initiated automatically or by an additional manual trigger as it is in this case.

I use the custom field “transfer” in order to start the ZigiOps incident creation workflow. In a few seconds the incident is generated and we enrich the JIRA task with additional information like incident ID and drill-down URL.

Here you can see some of its attributes have been populated according to the field mapping, even the JIRA project.

The backsync can be automatic or we can trigger it manually. I will change one of the attributes and click save.

One more thing that we can see in this incident is that is has also a direct link to the JIRA task.

In a few seconds we can see that task attribute has been updated accordingly.

Now we are going to put a new comment that will create a new work in the ServiceNow incident.

Here is the new work note with its author and content.

With ZigiOps we can also synchronize the lifecycle state of the records no matter of the direction.

Resolving the ServiceNow incident has set the JIRA task in Done state. Also, we can see this new comment that appears only when the incident state is Resolved.

Also you can check our connector on the Atlassian market place here.

And on the ServiceNow store here.

Stay tuned for more insights of our product or contact us for a live demo!


  • Fred Brooks

    April 21, 2019

    Great explanation guys. will definitely contact you for a demo to my management, since this integration is very important to our DevOps team.


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