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Delta Dental – Case study


After a few demos where all the different scenarios were covered, the IT Operations at Delta Dental were convinced that the ZigiOps is the platform that will help them meet their objectives.

A very smooth and quick remote implementation was performed so all the products were connected to the ZigiOps platform. Then, they started exchanging date between each other.

The Solarwinds CI information and alerts together with the discovered applications and health rule violations for them from AppDynamics were delivered to the Micro Focus Ops Bridge, which became the central Operations console at the organization. All correlation took place there and as a result of it, only several events triggered new incidents in Jira Service Desk. Of course, this process was automated and full synchronization between the two tools was maintained so everybody can be aware of the status and necessary actions.

As a result, the number of created incidents was reduced by more than 20% and this had a very positive impact on the rest of the KPIs.

Customer problem:

Need for a centralized Operations manager & incident handling automation.

Use case:

Monitoring each aspect of the business and the proper reaction during an outage are key for its success. At Delta Dental we can see a great example how this should be done with a wide set of tools not only to monitor their infrastructure, applications availability and performance, but also to maintain the proper problem handling. AppDynamics is responsible for the application part, Solarwinds for the infrastructure together with Micro Focus Ops Bridge and Jira Service Desk was used as the central ITSM platform.

It was functioning well, but the Delta Dental IT Department saw some room for improvement – reduce even further the time of problem detection, incident creation and overall time for resolution.

Options were replacing some of the existing tools with others to align the vendors, develop some solutions inhouse or look for an integration solution to connect them all.

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