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About ZigiWave

ZigiWave did not start out as the systems management and technology moderator you are reading about today. To find our true calling and develop the sleek, adaptable, scalable, easily implementable ZigiOps system, there was a bit of a journey. For five years we, the ZigiWave’s founders, delivered pioneering integration products to the biggest enterprise organizations in the world. Working diligently under the Do IT Wise brand, we experienced all this beautiful Age of Technology has to offer.
However, by the time the 2019 New Year came around, we decided it was time for a change. This was the decision that launched ZigiWave. This new entrepreneurial creation was conceived to focus strictly on software development. It was with this goal in mind that This is how our integration platform from Do IT Wise Integration Hub morphed into ZigiOps.

Owning our new name, we took our rebranded UI, for a test-drive. From that moment on, ZigiOps successfully serves its intended purpose faithfully. ZigiOps has far outweighed our expectations and has made us proud to have taken the leap to create ZigiWave. Our creation enables complex processes like the data exchange flow to be achieved accurately and efficiently, with only a few simple steps.
The success of ZigiOps has allowed us to continue working on new integrations to help satisfy the needs of fellow entrepreneurs. Currently, new innovations are becoming available systematically. Plus, we are proud to be on track to release many more integrations in the coming months.


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What is
our vision?

“Integrations made simple,” is the motto that we settled on to say it all! ZigiOps’ creation was born of the need to simplify and improve business processes, operations, and daily routines. We believe that ZigiOps has exceeded this expectation; developing a software that is easy to integrate but robust in its possibilities. Every day, our team strives to innovate and amaze, while also delivering a product that has a real value. ZigiWave is on track to integrate and simplify the digital world and we have only just begun.